Dr. Jim Marsh with Baylor Counseling Center

Less than two years ago, the Baylor Counseling Center (BUCC) had one staff person for every 1,775 students, which is at the national average for all colleges, according to the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors. Today, that ratio is roughly one for every 750 students, a figure that puts the school ahead of many other private universities, where the average is roughly one per 1,000 students. But while BUCC Executive Director of Counseling Services Dr. Jim Marsh …

Bryan FonvilleHigh Anxiety: Baylor’s Counseling Center is using new ways to help students
A NoZe for Satire

BACK IN 1973, THE NOZE BROTHERHOOD welcomed Leon Jaworski into its membership when the new Watergate Special Prosecutor came to town to be the Homecoming grand marshal. As he rode down the streets of Waco to cheers from the crowd, the NoZe brotherhood marched behind him holding signs that urged alumni to “clap if he’s guilty” in reference to President Richard Nixon. While we assume the NoZe Brotherhood needs no introduction to Bears everywhere, surely there are a few Aggies …

Bryan FonvilleA NoZe for Satire: A Q&A with the NoZe Brotherhood
The Encourager - A Q&A with Baylor President Linda Livingstone

Dr. Linda Livingstone became the 15th president of Baylor University on June 1, returning to the school she served as an associate dean and associate professor from 1991 to 2002. Livingstone was considered for the same job back in 2005, when she was a finalist to replace Robert Sloan as president. She most recently served as dean and professor of management at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., taking the reins after the very public firing of her predecessor. Before …

Bryan FonvilleThe Encourager: A Q&A with Baylor President Linda Livingstone
Trust the Process - A Q&A with Baylor Head Football Coach Matt Rhule

When Matt Rhule arrived in Waco last December as Baylor’s new head football coach, the program was, to put it charitably, under siege thanks to a sexual-assault scandal. Rhule rolled up his sleeves and got to work, focusing on offering players some much-needed stability and on offering members of the Baylor Family hope for the future. Rhule grew up in New York City. His family moved to State College, Pennsylvania and he attended Penn State University, where he was a …

Bryan FonvilleTrust the Process: A Q&A with Baylor Football Coach Matt Rhule

The Baylor Alumni Association would like to announce the arrival of the 2013 Special Issue of the Baylor Line magazine! As BAA members, you have a very important decision to make on September 7. This special issue of the Baylor Line strives to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the Transition Agreement. We hope you will read this issue thoroughly and bring it with you to the meeting in Waco Hall …

Baylor Line FoundationSpecial Issue of the Baylor Line Magazine

Dear BAA Members: The Baylor Alumni Association faces a major decision on September 7, and we want to provide you with as many details as possible about the Transition Agreement that will be up for a vote. We have created a website that will help you, our social media pages will update you with the latest news, and you can expect a special issue of the Baylor Line to arrive around August 23. The decision is yours. And you deserve …

Baylor Line FoundationTransition Agreement Message from BAA President

On Friday, January 21, the Baylor Alumni Association hosted the Hall of Fame Awards Celebration at the Phoenix Ballroom in Downtown Waco. The event allowed over 400 Baylor alumni and friends to join together in celebration of Baylor University and the heritage of the Baylor Line. The BAA was proud to host this event, recognizing and honoring the achievements of fellow alumni and benefitting the Baylor Alumni Association’s Student Scholarship Program. For a quick snapshot of the Hall of Fame …

Baylor Line FoundationA Baylor Night to Remember

By Michael Martinez An age-old tradition is finally seeing a revival on Baylor campus and at Floyd Casey Stadium. Perched on the tops of numerous freshman heads are the infamous slime caps, a tradition that was once thought to be extinct—only five caps were sold in 1995. The slime cap tradition began at Baylor in 1917 as a means of distinguishing freshmen from upperclassmen. Emblazoned with the freshman’s anticipated graduation year, the hats were only worn by men until the …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting Slimed: The Return of the Slime Caps

By Michael Martinez A single, yellow rope is all that holds back hundreds of rowdy, game-frenzied freshmen, all eager to rush the field (and heckle the opposing team). Some are garbed in gold and yellow wigs, face paint, and other Baylor paraphernalia. The one thing this group of underclassmen has in common is their yellow football jerseys, emblazoned with their graduating year. They are the Baylor Line. Among the many traditions at Baylor University, the Baylor Line is easily one …

Baylor Line Foundation40th Anniversary of the Baylor Line (organization)

The summer 2010 issue of the Baylor Line gives insight into the important cancer research Baylor professors are conducting. But what about students and alumni? There are many different kinds of research done at Baylor, and many undergraduate students have taken part in these research projects. Read on to discover more about Baylor research and the people involved. Faith in Science By Claire Moncla “If you believe God created every human the way they are, is it ethical to cure …

Baylor Line FoundationFaith in Science