By Dr. Lynn Tatum, senior lecturer in Baylor’s Honors College All great universities are built upon two great ideas. The first and most famous is academic freedom. The second is not as well known, but is no less important: shared governance. Academic freedom, the right to pursue truth wherever it leads, is only possible in the context of shared governance. The classic exposition of shared governance can be found in a short, but foundational document titled: “Statement on Government of …

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Matthew C. Cordon Director of Legal Research, Associate Director of the Law Library, and Professor of Law Chair, Baylor University Faculty Senate, 2007-08 Recent news stories about the denial of tenure to a high percentage of Baylor University faculty members have to some degree renewed discussion about the place and importance of tenure in university life. Questions about tenure from those outside of the academic environment are certainly understandable, for the system has few analogies outside of the academic context. …

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By Claire St. Amant When I walked into Bennett Auditorium Monday evening for the Student Q&A session with Dr. Lilley, I didn’t know what to expect. For starters, I didn’t know if anyone would actually show up. And even if they did, I didn’t know if they’d come with serious questions or just curiosity about Lilley’s favorite movie. Apparently I wasn’t alone in doubting the student body. Lilley seemed pretty unprepared himself. He opened the session with a quip about …

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As an institution of higher education, Baylor University is a place where serious questions are not only welcomed—they are strongly encouraged. In classes, labs, faculty and administrative offices, and residence halls across campus, questions of meaning, mission, truth, faith, and, yes, love are daily posed, entertained, and answered. Granted, some of the answers are provisional. Perhaps some questions are ultimately unanswerable. But we still keeping seeking. You could say that questions are Baylor’s life-blood. Without them, the process of education …

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