By Shari Downing, Development and Awards Coordinator I’s not easy to surprise me. I have two teenage daughters and a very precocious seven-year-old, so that means I’m usually ready for anything. But I was caught completely off guard at the Alumni By Choice brunch sponsored by the Baylor Alumni Association on Saturday, February 14. I’ve worked for the association about two years, and one of the hats I wear is awards coordinator. In that role, I’ve had the pleasure of …

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An Insider’s Look at Sing By Charis Boylan Senior professional writing major from Tyler I was fourteen when I fell in love with Sing. My sister was dressed in a giant green-sequined suit when I first saw her perform in Tri Delt’s Sing act, Ease on Down the Road. I remember how ecstatic I felt as girls dressed as lions and tin men and “oompa loompas” pranced across the stage. Six years later, after joining a sorority myself, I was …

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By Todd Copeland, Editor of The Baylor Line Yesterday was the first day of the signing period for NCAA sports. Across the nation, student-athletes signed National Letters of Intent that opened the doors of achievement for them and gave collegiate sports programs hope for the future. As usual, at Baylor and elsewhere, football drew most of the attention. But Baylor also had signees in soccer, golf, volleyball, and track. And as I read in the newspaper about the young men …

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By Charis Boylan Senior professional writing major from Tyler I have a hard time exercising moderation with anything I really like, and my obsession with the Baylor men’s basketball team is no exception. Of all my fixations, however, this one is perhaps the most reasonable. If the men’s team was hidden behind the shadow of the Lady Bears’ national title, they are in hiding no longer. With a 15-5 game record, the whole campus seems to be humming with excitement …

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By Judy Henderson Prather, Communications Coordinator I’m not usually an “after-five” kind of girl. More evenings than not, my after-five attire is pajamas–slipped into as soon as I get home from the office because I can’t think of a good reason for changing clothes twice in an evening. But once a year, I gladly don my shimmery best for an alumni association-sponsored black-tie event–the Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet. I join my colleagues and a very distinguished guest list, as we …

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By Meg Cullar, News Editor, the Baylor Line One of the things I’ve learned from working at the Baylor Alumni Association (BAA) is that the graduates of Baylor University tend to be amazing people. And during the past few years, as part of the BAA’s Sesquicentennial Celebration, I’ve learned about even more of them. That’s because in every issue of the Baylor Line, we profile ten of the “Alumni 150.” These are individuals, either living or not, who are truly …

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Reaching Out in 2009 By Jeff Kilgore, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Baylor Alumni Association On New Year’s Day, my wife, Stephanie, and I sat at our kitchen table with our sons, Luke (seven years old) and Patrick (five years old), attempting to explain to them why eating black-eyed peas was important this particular day–even though such peas are not, as they protested, a regular part of an elementary scholar’s diet. We spent time talking about tradition and …

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Tis the Season By Meg Cullar It happens every year. Christmas comes on December 25, pretty much like clockwork. And with just as much regularity every year, I’m not ready. I have plenty of excuses. Here at the Baylor Line we generally have a mid-December deadline for the winter issue you receive in January, so it makes perfect sense for me to procrastinate thinking about holiday preparations until after that deadline has passed. And once that’s happened, there are all …

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By Lisa Asher It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the season of joy and giving–I mean the office Christmas party. A time-honored tradition in office buildings large and small, the staff Christmas party is a chance for people to wrap up any old thing they have lying around the house and call it a “white elephant gift.” It’s a chance for people who see each other every day of the week to. . . see each …

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By Todd Copeland Editor, The Baylor Line Back in the middle of November, I traveled down to Round Rock to talk to the Rotary Club chapter there about the Immortal Ten. Around Baylor, most folks know about the Immortal Ten tradition, which honors the ten Baylor students (most of them athletes) who died on January 22, 1927, when the Baylor athletic bus was hit by a train in Round Rock en route to a basketball game in Austin against Texas. …

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