Winter 2018

Follow your compass, and hold true to the calling in your heart. Now more than ever, the world needs you to be extraordinary. To live with integrity. To pursue wisdom. To set sail for new horizons. To risk everything for what you know is right. You are the pioneer we have been waiting for to light the ways of time. Lead us to the place we've never been.
Our newest issue of The Baylor Line explores the idea of Pioneers, focusing on stories of alumni who have carved new paths for us to follow. In these pages you'll find an interview with Lindsay Stover Davis, who may become the first female congresswoman from Baylor. This issue also celebrates 11 alumni who broke racial barriers across campus, explores the history of Seinan Gakuin, and calls on us all to be the pioneer we have been waiting for to light the ways of time.   Read it here. 

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The History

The first issue of The Baylor Line magazine was published in 1946. Since then, our organization has published hundreds of issues that inform and engage alumni with the university they love. 

Over the years, our magazine has featured compelling stories about alumni who are making their mark on the world. We have broken investigative pieces, profiled famous grads, and worked hard to keep alumni engaged with what is happening at Baylor. The Line is committed to journalistic integrity, freedom of the press, and stories that bring beauty and truth to our audience.