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We would like to understand how the Baylor Line Foundation can best serve you and your families.  Through the questions below, we’d like to better understand what you’re looking for from the Baylor Line magazine and Line Notes blog on the BLF website, get specific suggestions for story ideas, and understand how you prefer we communicate with you.

None of the questions here are required to submit this document.  Pick one or pick more.  We appreciate the time you’re taking from your busy lives to help us out.  Thank you!

  • We have not listed stories about alumni and alumni events because we know that's of great interest. We are trying to learn what other topics interest you.
  • Please be specific and provide contact information. We're looking for volunteers, military personnel, firefighters and emergency personnel, and law enforcement contributions in particular.
  • Please be specific and provide contact information, if possible.
  • Please be specific and provide contact information, if possible.
  • You can provide multiple responses
  • If you have opinions about anything that's going on within the Baylor Community, please feel free to submit them here. We ask that you demonstrate respect for any individuals you might mention. In this case, we do need full contact information below.
  • If you're open to hearing back from us on any of your responses, please let us know who you are and how we can contact you. Thanks.
Baylor Line FoundationTell Us What You Think!

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