Click here to see this story as it appears in the Fall 2016 issue of the Baylor Line — with photos and charts. Between rising tuition and the obstacles life has thrown at them, many students are graduating from Baylor with a stunning amount of debt, particularly if they didn’t graduate in four years. What can be done? By Peter Osborne “When I graduated and started at $12.00 an hour, I had to move in with my parents. I was close …

Baylor Line FoundationStress Test: Many recent grads facing a house of cards that has left them asking “how much student debt is too much?”

As high-school seniors choose their colleges and college students consider graduate school, dozens of publications are releasing rankings – some on very specific topics and others focused on broader metrics. Increasingly, Student Debt metrics drive some of the rankings – and the decisions of many of those students. Two experts (including one from Baylor) say that alumni across the country may be struggling to a greater degree than the numbers being used to rank schools would indicate.  For its part, …

Baylor Line FoundationStudent loan repayment rates at Baylor and elsewhere continue to attract attention

We are pleased to announce that the BAA will award $1,000 scholarships for the 2015-16 school year to 54 Baylor undergraduates whose parents or grandparents (and in many cases, many other family members) attended the university. The awards represent an increase of 28.5% in the amount of the scholarships with 12 additional students receiving awards over last year. “We want to thank the members of the Baylor Family who have contributed to the Legacy Scholarship Fund and renewed their annual memberships at …

Baylor Line FoundationBAA awards $55,400 in 2015-16 Legacy Scholarships

Now that graduation is over, a couple of harsh realities are staring at Baylor graduates and their families.  For many, the job market is not what they hoped or expected and they will soon receive the first notice for their student-debt payments.  And the numbers may well be staggering. Here are the monthly payments required to pay off various debt amounts at 5% interest over 10 years: $50,000:  $530 $60,000:  $636 $70,000:  $742 $80,000:  $848 $90,000:  $954 $100,000:  $1,060 If …

Baylor Line FoundationAfter graduation comes loan repayment — maybe