Baylor announced April 18 that Linda A. Livingstone, the dean at the George Washington University School of Business, would become the university’s 15th president.  Livingstone, who previously served as both a Baylor professor and associate dean of graduate programs at the Hankamer School of Business, will be the first female president in Baylor’s 172-year history and replaces interim President David Garland, who has served in the role since June 1, 2016 and oversaw the early stages of the university’s efforts …

Baylor Line FoundationWelcome back! Linda Livingstone named Baylor president

The following statement was issued after the Sept. 10 quarterly board meeting of the Baylor Line Foundation. The search committee for the next president of Baylor University seems to represent a narrow segment of the Baylor family. Especially troubling is the lack of representation of some of the key academic units at Baylor or of alumni without close ties to the Board of Regents. This statement in no way is intended as criticism of the qualified individuals named to the …

Baylor Line FoundationBLF Statement Regarding the Appointment of a Presidential Search Committee by the Baylor Board of Regents

Baylor Business School students enrolled in the Practicum in Portfolio Management course saw the fruits of their efforts to manage “real money” with the recent presentation of $180,000 to the Athletic Department for student-athlete scholarships. The “real money” comes from the Philip M. Dorr Alumni & Friends Endowed Investment Fund, which was started 15 years ago with an endowment gift of $250,000 from Phil Dorr ’80, MBA ’83, and matching contributions from the Baylor endowment of about $146,000.  Thanks to about …

Baylor Line FoundationStudent-managed Phil Dorr investment fund contributes $180,000 to Baylor athletic scholarships

Sports reporting is a place where you can increasingly find stories about people who have leaned on their faith and lost — and regained — it, says sports-feature producer Lisa Fenn, who shared the stage with ESPN NBA Report Chris Broussard at the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning’s annual Symposium on Faith and Culture, which drew about 350 attendees from across the country from Nov. 5-7 to hear 120 presentations on “The Spirit of Sports,” including a panel with President Ken Starr …

Baylor Line FoundationShould faith play a role in covering sports?

If form holds true, then the presence this Saturday of ESPN Game Day on campus and a big win on national television (ABC) over the University of Oklahoma will translate into more donations to the university as a whole. Athletics are “the window by which the world looks at your university,” said former Baylor football coach Grant Teaff, who was part of a panel at the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning’s annual Symposium on Faith and Culture, which drew …

Baylor Line FoundationBaylor IFL symposium panelists agree success on football field leads to success in fundraising

Amanda Packard ’15 just completed a year-long job interview that now has her teaching seventh-grade mathematics at Midway Middle School on the outskirts of Waco. Yes, a year-long job interview. It’s no big surprise when a Baylor School of Education graduate gets a job right out of school – more than 100 started work in Texas schools this fall — but Packard was part of a “professional-development school” (PDS) program that is entering its second year at Midway Middle School but …

Baylor Line FoundationImagine a full-year job interview that applicants enjoy

An Emmy-nominated and award-winning screenwriter and producer – and Baylor’s top teacher for the 2005-06 school year, Dr. Sarah-Jane (SJ) Murray delivered a widely praised (and viewed) local TEDx talk in San Antonio in November 2014 that sought to explain why stories matter.  SJ graduated with honors from Auburn University with a BA in French and Philosophy (after dabbling for a few years in the engineering school); received the Ecole Normale Superieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines diploma in French and …

Baylor Line FoundationBaylor Professor SJ Murray practices what she preaches on the power of “insanely great” storytelling