This Feels Like Hope Baylor Quad

Before I begin this column and talk about my hope, I must acknowledge the strong women who have come forward about their experiences with sexual assault at Baylor and at other universities and have persevered even when they might have lost hope. They are examples of inner toughness and courage. Their strength inspires my hope. And while I reflect on this concept, they are living it every moment of every day, intuitively. These women have affected legislation that will help …

Bryan FonvilleThis Feels Like Hope: Moving Forward with Integrity and Honor

The Executive Committee of The Baylor Line Foundation (formerly known as the Baylor Alumni Association) calls on the Baylor Board of Regents to immediately release the full Pepper Hamilton report of its investigation into Baylor’s handling of multiple sexual assault and domestic violence accusations, many of them involving Baylor athletes. The Baylor Family deserves an unvarnished, complete accounting of the facts about how these events were handled. The “Findings of Fact” document that Baylor released last week is not a …

Baylor Line FoundationRegents should release the full Pepper Hamilton report

The Nominating Committee of the Baylor Alumni Association is recommending the approval of this list of candidates to serve the BAA’s membership as officers and directors. The Executive Committee of the BAA Board has asked Tom Nesbitt to stay on as president for 30 days until July 1, 2016, to complete his duties related to the settlement agreement and to provide for an orderly transition to the new president. Officer Nominations President (2016-17): Fred R. Norton, Jr., ‘80, JD ’83, …

Baylor Line FoundationBAA Board announces 2016-17 officer and board nominees