The new issue of the Baylor Line, which should hit your mailboxes soon, includes an edited story on a recent visit to campus by bestselling author Sarah Hepola.  It was written and photographed by Baylor students.  Here’s the full story: Stolen gulps of beer by the age of 6 launched The New York Times bestselling author Sarah Hepola’s dependency on booze, blackouts, and bedrooms. Baylor’s Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media hosted Hepola in Bennett Auditorium on Feb. …

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Sports reporting is a place where you can increasingly find stories about people who have leaned on their faith and lost — and regained — it, says sports-feature producer Lisa Fenn, who shared the stage with ESPN NBA Report Chris Broussard at the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning’s annual Symposium on Faith and Culture, which drew about 350 attendees from across the country from Nov. 5-7 to hear 120 presentations on “The Spirit of Sports,” including a panel with President Ken Starr …

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If form holds true, then the presence this Saturday of ESPN Game Day on campus and a big win on national television (ABC) over the University of Oklahoma will translate into more donations to the university as a whole. Athletics are “the window by which the world looks at your university,” said former Baylor football coach Grant Teaff, who was part of a panel at the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning’s annual Symposium on Faith and Culture, which drew …

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By Reagan Starr A packed Waco Hall auditorium gave former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani – also known as America’s Mayor — a warm Texas welcome Wednesday evening as he walked onto the stage with Baylor President and Chancellor Ken Starr and then they settled into their seats for the first question. The question wasn’t a softball.  “What do you think you did right, and what would you do differently, given the same circumstances,” Starr asked Giuliani about his response …

Baylor Line Foundation‘America’s Mayor’ reflects on 9/11, leadership, and Yogi Berra during On Topic speaking series