An early step on the path to Steven Currall’s new leadership role at Southern Methodist University was his participation in the Leakey Leadership Lab, an intensive weekend for seniors Baylor once held to foster leadership skills. “It was one of my first experiences as a student leader and I went initially as a participant and then as co-director,” says the 57-year-old Currall.  “The Lab planted the seeds of my interest in being a leader in higher education. Additionally, my education …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know…SMU Provost Steven Currall ’82

When Sandy Spoonemore ’87 entered Baylor as a sophomore in the fall of 1984, she was Baylor’s first wheelchair-bound student.  And getting around wasn’t particularly easy in the days prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which wouldn’t be passed for another six years. So Spoonemore and a friend headed over that spring to the monthly meetings that President Herbert Reynolds held with students and told him how challenging it was to navigate the campus. “He was mortified that I was …

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Judy Pace Christie ’78 is about to find out what Hollywood is going to do with one of her books. Christie’s book, “Wreath, a Girl,” has been optioned for film and television by veteran independent producer Lauren Taylor of Los Angeles, who recently sold the story of Texan Kathy Murphy and her Pulpwood Queens Book Club to Dream Works. “Wreath, A Girl” is the first in a planned trilogy of stories following a 16-year-old who lives alone in a junkyard …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know…Author Judy (Pace) Christie ’78

These are not the best of times for the oil and gas business.  In September 2014, oil was priced in the $85 to $95 range; today the prices are in the $30s. But one thing that has remained constant for brothers-in-law Joseph DeWoody ’05, MBA ’06, and Ryan Haggerty ’06 and their Clear Fork Royalty company is operating in an ethical manner in what many consider to be a wide-open industry.  That’s why they’re particularly proud that they’ve been recognized …

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You can’t say René Maciel, MS ’91, doesn’t have audacious goals. The president of Baptist University of the Américas (BUA) in San Antonio recently took on the role of president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (Texas Baptists) and he defines success in that role as “bringing unity to Texas Baptist life.” The numbers indicate how big a job that will be:  There are 2 million Texas Baptists in 5,300 autonomous congregations statewide that are affiliated with the group.  …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know… BGCT President René Maciel, MS ‘91

All of us have been praised for something great we’ve done in our careers with notes of thanks, certificates, recognition at a companywide meeting, perhaps even a year-end cash bonus. Dr. Diane Porter Patrick ‘66 got a school named after her. Diane Patrick Elementary opened this past fall in the Arlington (Texas) School District, and the school’s namesake feels inspired by the 800 “amazing kids” who attend the school – 95% of whom are economically disadvantaged. “I get goosebumps every …

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On Thursday, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) faces, as Politico Magazine puts it, “the biggest moment of his political career when he squares off with (former Secretary of State and current Presidential candidate Hillary) Clinton” when she sits down with his Benghazi subcommittee to discuss a variety of topics.  Before you watch the hearings (or if you’re asking yourself after the hearing, “Who is this guy? I didn’t know he was a Baylor Bear.”), you can get to know the 1986 …

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The goal is simple for Matt McClard ’00: Own the sock drawer. The management team at Dallas-based Foot Cardigan, which sends subscribers a pair of colorful, boldly patterned socks every month, took a huge step toward that goal when it hit the jackpot on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank that aired October 9.  McClard — a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer/Senior Art Director — and CEO Bryan Deluca went in asking for $250,000 in exchange for 10% of the …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know…Matt McClard ’00 of Foot Cardigan (and successful contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank)

Ready for a new season of a cable TV reality show featuring two Baylor grads? No, not that one. Miller Gaffney ’02 and Carol Lee Pryor Brosseau ’03 are hosting “Art Breakers,” which premieres Sunday evening on the Ovation cable channel and focuses on their worlds as art brokers who connect buyers, collectors, and artists. “The show provides viewers with a rarely seen, behind-the-scenes look at the art world,” says Miller, who splits her time between New York and her native …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know: Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau, hosts of “Art Breakers” on Ovation TV

Most successful people have an Ah-ha moment, that “thing” that sets them on a new path. For Kirsten Dickerson ’95, it was a 2007 mission to India with her Hollywood, CA, church.  Kirsten had been splitting her time between working with her filmmaker husband as an art director and costume designer during the day and volunteering with the homeless at night.  In India, the group met with three non-profits focused on at-risk women and children, and Kirsten saw an opportunity …

Baylor Line FoundationGetting to Know…Kirsten Dickerson ’95, founder and CEO of Raven + Lily