Shortly after Nancie Wingo ’54 passed away this past Christmas morning, we received notes from a few people who knew her, suggesting that we should publish her story in the next Baylor Line.  To a person, they said there would be no better person to eulogize Nancie than her brother, Hal Wingo ’57, a former Regent who was a journalist at Time Inc. for 33 years as a senior editor of LIFE Magazine and as a founding editor of People Weekly. …

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Just a few months after BaylorProud profiled Geneva McCulloch Hughes ’31 and Dr. McDonald W. Held ’33 and asked if they were Baylor’s oldest alumni, both have passed away. Geneva Hughes of Waco died on Oct. 17 at the age of 105.  She taught schools in Coleman, Brownwood, and 1st through 5th grade Music in the Marlin public schools for more than 50 years.  Geneva was a lifelong member of Delta Kappa Gamma and many other organizations.  She loved playing …

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“I’m a Texas-bred, Spirit-led, Bible-teaching, revival-preaching, recovering Southern Baptist. That’s neither a boast nor a whine, just an explanation of ‘where I’m coming from’ as the kids say.” –Dr. James Dunn Address to American Baptist Churches, 1995 The Baylor Family is mourning the passing of Dr. James M. Dunn on July 4, 2015, at the age of 83.  Dr. Dunn, who is being remembered as one of the leading defenders of religious freedom and of the importance of the separation of church and …

Baylor Line FoundationRemembering Dr. James Dunn, 1932-2015

When we were putting together the Spring 2015 issue of the Baylor Line — and in particular the tributes to Matt Dawson, Mary McCall, Ralph Storm, and Jack Loftis — a few people suggested we include his daughter’s eulogy.  Titled simply, “Dad.” Rebecca Dawson Brumley ’64 delivered a deeply personal salute to her father that offered a (somewhat) different side to the man that many former students and professors had already shared.  The piece was long — it would have taken up …

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