Beacons: Donations in Honor of Those Who Are Making (or Made) A Difference

lighthouse beacon 2Flowers die.  Chocolates get eaten.  But planting a seed is forever.

Honoring friends with gifts is something we all do regularly.  Members of the Baylor family pass away or spend time in hospitals.  They get promoted or graduate with honors, retire after years of tireless service to the university or to their community, or are honored by a grateful community.

As one Baylor family member said to us in support of the launch of this program, “We all have enough stuff; let’s ‘gift’ each other this way.” Beacons is a way to go beyond a small gift or flowers or card and share that person’s contributions with others — in a way that reinforces his or her “care for Baylor.”  The Baylor Line Foundation will combine your gift with others like it to help a legacy student reduce his or her family’s tuition burden; to provide a forum to celebrate our successes and discuss issues impacting the Baylor Experience; or to bring together members of the Baylor family.  We see this as a great way to “fling our green & gold afar to light the ways of time.”

A few members of the Baylor family have already jumped on board and they’re listed below under Current Campaigns, seeking to bring together far-flung friends to support important initiatives.  If you’d like to add a group effort or recognize someone special, please drop a note to  But you can also get started with a 1:1 donation to remember a friend, a roommate, a loved one, or a family member who wrote their Baylor stories many years ago or are in the midst of writing it now.

The Baylor Line Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is separate and independent from Baylor University.  We are passionate advocates for the timeless values cherished by the Baylor family and are proud that the vast majority of our members are Baylor alumni.

Baylor Line FoundationBeacons: Donations in Honor of Those Who Are Making (or Made) A Difference