Baugh Foundation makes $175,000 matching-grant pledge

December 12, 2016

The San Antonio-based Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation has announced that it will match any donation made to the Baylor Line Foundation, up to $175,000.

“This is a particular welcome and timely gift, given that most non-profits see the majority of their annual donations during the month of December,” said BLF Executive Vice President Allen Holt ‘80.  “We are so excited about the impact that will have on our ability to serve our members and the entire Baylor family, from publishing the Baylor Line and funding legacy scholarships to filming video oral histories of some of our most revered professors and alumni and supporting day-to-day operations of the foundation.”

BLF President Fred Norton Jr. ’80, JD ’83, expressed appreciation to Babs Baugh ‘64, head of the foundation named after her parents, along with her husband, John Jarrett, and daughters Jackie Baugh Moore ’86 and Julie Baugh Cloud ’89, for the impact that the Baugh Foundation has made through its longtime support of the Baylor Line Foundation, formerly the Baylor Alumni Association.

“This generous gift from the Baugh family will mean that the impact of every donation we receive this month will be doubled,” Norton said. “ “We are so grateful to Babs and her family for helping us to preserve the timeless values of Baylor’s founders during these challenging times for Baylor.”

You can donate to the BLF by

  • Making a secure credit card payment on our website donation page (click here).
  • Mailing a check to Baylor Line Foundation at P.O. Box 2089, Waco, Texas 76703
  • Calling Kellie Juandiego at 254-732-0430 to make a payment by phone.

In addition, since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, you can use your company matching-gift program to further increase your impact! You can learn more at

The Baylor Line Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is separate and independent from Baylor University.  The vast majority of our members are Baylor alumni.

Baylor Line FoundationBaugh Foundation makes $175,000 matching-grant pledge