BAA board freezes membership pertaining to Sept 7 vote

August 28, 2013

The Baylor Alumni Association’s board of directors voted to freeze the BAA membership list that will be used for the Sept. 7 meeting as of today, Aug. 28, 2013, at 12:30 p.m. CDT. New members who join after that time will not be able to vote on the Transition Agreement at the special meeting. The decision was the result of a unanimous vote during a conference-call meeting of the BAA board at noon CDT today.

Under Texas state law, a nonprofit organization can set a “record date” for determining which of its members are entitled to vote at a specific meeting, provided the record date is within sixty days of the vote.

The voting guidelines approved by the board also noted that both annual and life memberships are joint memberships, and spouses listed as members will be allowed to vote.

Some recently lapsed members will be able to vote, according to provisions in the association’s bylaws, which provide a two-month grace period to annual members before they are removed from the rolls. Annual members whose memberships expired in July or August 2013 will still be considered members on September 7 and will be eligible to vote.

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The September 7 voting meeting was announced in early June through BAA communications and also through Baylor University’s channels of communication, including the Baylor Magazine, which is sent to all alumni. The special issue of the Baylor Line, which included the official announcement of the meeting, was mailed on August 21.

Members can read the Transition Agreement documents, along with news and editorials, at

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adminBAA board freezes membership pertaining to Sept 7 vote