Baylor Line Preview: Remembering Nancie (Wingo)

April 17, 2017

Shortly after Nancie Wingo ’54 passed away this past Christmas morning, we received notes from a few people who knew her, suggesting that we should publish her story in the next Baylor Line.  To a person, they said there would be no better person to eulogize Nancie than her brother, Hal Wingo ’57, a former Regent who was a journalist at Time Inc. for 33 years as a senior editor of LIFE Magazine and as a founding editor of People Weekly.

Hal, whose wife Paula ’57 is also a Baylor grad as are his two children, Nancie and Trey, wrote a beautiful piece about Nancie that we want to share beyond the magazine. Here’s a link; we hope you enjoy it.


Baylor Line FoundationBaylor Line Preview: Remembering Nancie (Wingo)