Baylor Line Foundation calls for regents to delay their Friday vote on governance reform

February 16, 2017

The Baylor Line Foundation was pleased by the turnout for last night’s Town Hall on Governance Reform.  More than 150 people attended in person and countless others joined us through various online feeds.  We had a lively discussion regarding the various reform options with concerned members of the Baylor family. Obviously, the discussion would have been more productive and thorough had the regents’ views been represented.

Five regents chose to accept our invitation and attend in person (Jennifer Elrod, Mark Rountree, Julie Turner, Wayne Fisher, and Dan Chapman).  They seemed to be listening intently to the views expressed by alumni who love Baylor and are pained by what has taken place in recent years. We have reason to believe that more regents watched the live broadcast from the privacy of their homes or Waco hotel rooms.

The Board of Regents plan to vote tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 17), on the reforms proposed by its own task force.  Although Chairman Murff has stated that the regents will hold meetings to discuss governance reform after they vote; we ask that they, instead, enter into that dialogue now with the Baylor family before making final decisions that will affect our beloved university. We ask that the regents who attended or watched last night’s event passionately advocate for delaying tomorrow’s vote in order to begin holding town hall gatherings like the one we hosted last night.  We would be happy to help facilitate those meetings to try to find some middle ground between the BOR and Bears for Leadership Reform proposals.

Clearly, the life of Baylor, as we know her, may depend on this decision. Surely those responsible for her future will want additional input before voting on something of this magnitude.

Baylor Line FoundationBaylor Line Foundation calls for regents to delay their Friday vote on governance reform